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Leadership Studies

Designed for the director level and above for an actionable leadership coaching plan.

1:1 Coaching

Experience guides that transformation in 1:1 coaching takes time.
Team Leadership Workshops

Leadership Communications Workshops

1-2 day Leadership Communications workshops

Recent Posts

  • What Does the Wallet Say?

    A simple wallet can be a window to person’s life story.

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  • No Story…No Sale.

    Want to have meeting attendees fight over your presentation? Just give them facts & figures with no story.

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  • Story Can Turn Bad News into Good

    A bad situation turned into good through the use of negative story.

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  • Negative Story is My Friend

    Negative story is really our friend. It can bind us and give direction.

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  • The Power of Touch

    Touch is much more powerful than any of us realize.

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  • Don’t Burn Bridges. Close Them.

    Jason lets exasperation rule the day.

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  • Horse Tales: Dissing Jake

    It took a horse to remind me just how important recognition is for us all.

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  • The Captain’s Table: An 18th Century Idea for a 21st Century Issue

    Who knew a great 18th century idea could work in our modern world?

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  • A Tale of Two Emily’s: The Reader-Driven Resume

    Writing a resume? Think of your story first.

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