Amanda Stanton-Geddes

Ron has been a mentor and a sounding board for me personally and professionally since my days at Netflix for a variety of issues both big and small. He has always been that ear providing me a fresh perspective and pushing me to explore new directions.

He has a very clear understanding of who I am and what my strengths and vulnerabilities are so that his advice is always dead-on. He would say all he’s doing is providing me the forum to solve my own issues, which I guess is the true essence of coaching.

Whatever the technique, it works.

I have no qualms about recommending Ron to any client. His experience level is such that he can play from CEO to junior level exec. And for what it’s worth, he’s a great guy too.


Redwood City, CA

Benjamin Grover

I can’t say enough about Ron’s work. I was a new senior manager at my company and while I had good skills and training it really needed some sharpening and I needed someone to bounce ideas off of and get feedback. Ron fit the bill perfectly. He not only brings a wealth of experience, but he brings it in a highly personal and effective manner. Towards the end of our engagement I needed some help with re-factoring and re-wording (more…)

Computer Scientist, Division Leader
National Research Laboratory

Kevin O’Neill

Ron’s work helps clients get to the heart of the matter in the most important way – through self-realization and accountability. By skillfully creating a safe, open environment, Ron’s coaching enables the coachee to engage in honest self-assessment that creates a pathway for meaningful, sustainable breakthroughs.  Working with Ron will bring out possibilities for professional and growth in ways you hadn’t thought possible.

Employment Law Attorney
San Francisco, CA

Molly Davis

For decades, Ron has demonstrated a unique ability to get to the heart of the matter, bringing clarity and meaning to every situation. He’s an attentive listener, a great brainstormer, a wise counselor and a quick study, moving easily between logical and intuitive thinking.


Partner, Rainmaker Communications
Producer, “Something Ventured”

Gina Steele

I had the pleasure of getting to know Ron through the coaches training program at UC Berkeley, Haas. What impressed me about Ron was that he has been very successful in leading several businesses, and, at the same time, has maintained a level of humility and stayed very approachable. I feel that I could talk to Ron about any issue I might be having, and he would truly listen to me without judging me. For Ron, coaching is a calling.

Patent Attorney
San Francisco, CA
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